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Load Balancing with Jumbos

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In addition to Load Balancing forwarders across collectors, Supercharger gives you the ability to analyze your environment and balance based on Jumbo Forwarders. What is a jumbo forwarder?  A jumbo is an event forwarder (server/workstation) that generates an exponentially higher EPS rate than its cohorts. For example, let's say you have 10,000 forwarders with an average EPS of 500-1000. Of that 10,000 you have 10 file servers that are generating 5,000 EPS due to the authentication of users accessing its file shares. That is 5-10 times the average. This forwarder would fall in to the Jumbo Forwarder status.

In Supercharger on a Load Balancer there are three options on the Jumbos tab as shown in the screenshot below:

  • Disabled:  Jumbo Tracking and Balancing are not in use.
  • Jumbo Tracking:  This option will turn on analytics that Jumbo Balancing, if enabled, will use to move around high EPS producers.
    • Once you enable Jumbo Tracking, Supercharger will begin to analyze the EPS of the event forwarders on the related Load Balancer. The default frequency is a rebalancing every 4 hours with the averages being analyzed over the past 24 hour period. These can be modified using the JumboLevelingFrequencyHours and JumboLevelingObservationHours found in the Global Setting Overrides in Supercharger's settings. This setting only enables analyzing of the statistical data, it doesn't perform any balancing of any kind.  After enabling Jumbo Tracking and allowing a period of data to be created and analyzed, you can simulate Jumbo Balancing by clicking on the "Simulate Jumbo Balancing" button.
  • Jumbo Balancing:  This option will cause Supercharger to balance or move around high EPS producers. Jumbo balancing uses the following metrics along with EPS to determine which forwarders need to be moved to which collectors:
  • Volatility is the measure of how many Jumbo forwarders are re-allocated to a different collector by the balancing algorithm
  • Churn is the measure of how much EPS fluctuates on forwarders causing them to move in and out of Jumbo status
  • Balance is the measure of how close the worst balanced collector's EPS is to the ideal EPS per collector

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