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16. Event Logs


Supercharger allows you to create custom events logs to use as target logs for incoming forwarded WEC events.


  • Analyze EPS per subscription going to each unique log
  • Many SIEMs spool one thread per incoming log. By using multiple custom logs you can boost the input of many SIEMs.
  • Many others

From the GUI you can create a single custom log on one collector as shown below:

This log would then show up in Event Viewer and be ready to receive forwarded events.

 When creating a Load Balanced subscription, you can also create a custom log on multiple collectors with a single click. As shown below, you first give the log a name. Supercharger will then check to see if the log currently exists on any of the collectors. You can then click on the "Create log where missing" button and Supercharger will submit commands to create the custom log on the collectors.

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