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Supercharger Version History


Supercharger 19.10.35 (10/20/2019)

  • Fix a bug related to registry access

Supercharger 19.10.34 (10/15/2019)

  • Add report: Comprehensive Forwarder Details
  • Add report: Collector History (CPU, EPS)
  • Include the destination log in the Overview tab of subscriptions
  • Add a maintenance button to individual subscriptions of a distributed subscription to run maintenance on-demand (normally run daily)
  • Retry running wecutil.exe commands if hung
  • Validate group SID when trying to create or update a distributed subscription
  • Improve saving distributed subscription groups, especially when many forwarders are added
  • Improve the way changes are saved to AD
  • Improve calling forwarder analysis after updating distributed subscriptions or LDAP filters
  • Use the same DC as much as possible to avoid replication issues
  • Fix bug related to recreating a custom event log with same name but different capitalization
  • Handle "A recipient must be specified" error when sending emails
  • Limit the number of AD items displayed in the search dialog (to avoid the search taking too long)
  • Close subscription dialog after deleting subscription
  • Fix bug where perfmon counters would get purged if licensed, but license was expired
  • Fix bug where error was wrongly reported if the WEC status was Inactive and AD status was NotFound
  • Fix bug in setting up Builtin managed filters, such as filter for Security log with noise suppression
  • Fix some bugs that caused a SID mixup when going AD group search
  • Fix a bug that made subscriptions stop working if the related managed filter was changed (this was related to setting the wrong value for PublisherName when the sub was updated)
  • Fix the sidebar flickering on Chrome
  • Remove Events Lost counter

Supercharger 19.7.3 (7/30/2019)

  • During upgrades, does not overwrite service account if "Local Service" is changed to custom user

Supercharger 19.7.1 (7/17/2019)

  • Revised and removed reporting on lost events
  • Fix a bug when a subscription was deleted outside of Supercharger

Supercharger 19.5.3 (6/3/2019)

  • Update SQL Server to SQL Server 2016 SP2 Express
  • Change implementation of counting servers for licensing
  • Update SQL version in the installer
  • Servers with Ignore health status are no longer counted
  • Fix bug related to denied subjects
  • Add Exabeam UEBA filter
  • Add partner licensing option
  • Run forwarder analysis after updating managed filters
  • Fix bug when unable to create managed filter if event log didn't exists on master
  • Display buttons not after but before subscription and distributed subscription name
  • Display short name instead of full name of event log name in details title
  • Fix bug related to distributed subscriptions and LDAP filters
  • Enable empty LDAP BaseDN
  • Display DCs in UI for LDAP BaseDN
  • Add button to display license info for easier license key request
  • Fix bug when domain has no more controllers
  • Add instructions to analysis takes too long warning message on how to override frequency of collector and forwarder analysis

Supercharger 19.1.4 (1/11/2019)

Supercharger 18.12.2 (12/5/2018)

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