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Supercharger Version History


Supercharger 22.8.9 (9/2/2022)

  • Log page defaults to "All" if there are no Errors/Warnings to acknowledge
  • Validate (and fix, if possible) values when adding or editing overrides
  • Fix bug with upper/lowercase issue in target subscription manager url
  • Fix bug where http://localhost//supercharger would give a 404 error
  • Various code smells and security hotspots remediated

Supercharger 22.8.2 (8/26/2022)

  • NEW FEATURE: Add Cross Domain Forwarding
  • Upgrade .NET Core 
  • Add additional trace logging
  • Add and enabled DB compression for some tables in SQL
  • Remove duplicate domain components from LDAP queries
  • Bug fix addressing "Error uploading the controller setup to the database" error message
  • Bug fix addressing "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object" error message
  • Bug fix related to using SQL Server HADR
  • Make licensing checks quicker

Supercharger 22.1.8 (1/13/2022)

  • Fix for bulk updating of DB values
  • Fix for tools tips stuck behind menus
  • Update to purging of records
  • Upgrade to .NET Core
  • Update to table size reporting
  • Add delay in subscription update to help preventing WEC service overload

Supercharger 21.11.10 (12/6/2021)

  • Add feature to see which event logs are used on more than one load balanced subscription
  • Increased timeout for controller setup installer to upload to DB
  • Retry controller setup installer downloading if could not download latest version from DB
  • Reset related subscriptions after automatic event log reset
  • Add option to event logs to set threshold for low EPS
  • Filter out outliers before standard deviation calculation for low EPS detection
  • ​Bug fix to standard deviation formula
  • Bug fix for newly created load balancers freezing GUI
  • Bug fix to suppress noise message related to Load Balancers with no subscriptions in logs
  • Bug fix for group not found during Load Balancer Maintenance
  • Bug fix to certain filters in subscription editor
  • Bug fix for to allow longer names to work with auditing
  • Bug fix where performance charts displayed data from other collectors
  • Add option to not warn if EPS is zero if expected
  • Bug fix to new subscriptions using LDAP queries
  • Add feature to display load balanced subscriptions on event log status pages
  • Display full name of event log on its Status tab
  • Move status of services to collector Status tab
  • Redesign of internal log details
  • Upgrade .NET Core

Supercharger 21.10.6 (10/6/2021)

  • Add feature to rearrange domains on Explorer page
  • Add more details for subscriptions related to current forwarders
  • Add feature in Load Balancer editor to create missing event logs
  • Enforce recovery options for controller services to restart on failure
  • Include domain name in name of current forwarders exported CSV file
  • Add option to filter list of managed filters
  • Fix for log names that contain spaces in the name
  • Bug fix for built-in event logs enabled flag reset issue
  • Bug fix for scheduled time come up with the same time twice in a row
  • Bug fix for migration issue with ErrorText
  • Bug fix for registry error during collector analysis

Supercharger 21.9.5 (9/5/2021)

  • Add filtering to Managed Filters list

Supercharger 21.8.4 (8/23/2021)

Supercharger 21.7.12 (7/31/2021)

  • Correct typo in EULA
  • Fixed issue with crashing if a custom DB is being used and login coordinates need to be entered manually
  • Fixed EPS standard deviation algorithm
  • Added HTTPS protocol option to Subscription Policy settings
  • Fixed informational message related to Jumbo History Tracking
  • Fixed informational message related to Load Balancer Nodes
  • Added logic to trim unwanted characters from Target Subscription Manager entries
  • Added logic to ensure latest controller setup file is uploaded to the DB
  • Fixed issue with SC not loading after install; installer now runs iisreset
  • Added logic to prevent invalid characters from being used for subscription names in load balanced subscriptions
  • Added feature to force reboot of a controller server if WEC or WinRM is unhealthy
  • Added tooltip for load balanced subscription titles
  • Fixed issue with SQL Server user account remnant left behind after a controller is decommissioned
  • Upgraded .NET Core hosting bundle
  • Fixed broken "Reboot" command 

Supercharger 21.6.6 (6/21/2021)

  • Fixed issue with extending temporary license keys
  • Added logic to prevent bad subscription names that use invalid characters
  • Added screen splitter adjustment bar in GUI
  • Added which domain Subscription Policies and Managed Filters are used in when viewing settings
  • Added Subscription tab as the default tab when clicking back button in browser from Subscription settings
  • Added name to tooltips for Event Logs and Subscriptions
  • Bug fixes related to upgrading from 20.1.53 and older to current version

Supercharger 21.6.1 (6/1/2021)

  • Split Custom Supercharger logs from Native windows logs during destination log selection
  • Resize log selector dropdown
  • Fix bug when decommissioning controller
  • Fix bug when creating a new custom event log
  • Fix bug with expand/collapse buttons in managed filters
  • Fix bug for creating subscriptions with Free Version
  • Improve user interface speed and responsiveness
  • Add option to exclude non-Windows computers

Supercharger 21.4.3 (4/9/2021)

  • Bug fix when editing subscriptions

Supercharger 21.3.16 (3/31/2021)

  • DB retrieval optimization
  • Add refresh count down
  • Event log name comparisons case insensitive
  • Add performance tab to Event Log
  • Add Managed Filter Security Log Wizard
  • Subscription Policy editor bug fix
  • Add loader to license key submission
  • Improved performance of license key submission
  • Performance enhancement to Settings pages
  • Purging refactored
  • Enhancement to Group Policy collection process
  • Optimized Refresh Collector, Collector Analysis and Forwarder Analysis command
  • Enhancement to multiple pending commands 
  • Redesign Command Engine Worker
  • Refactor promotion auditing
  • Tripwire event filtering
  • Redesign Trace log page
  • Update NLog
  • Adding filtering nonactive controllers
  • Internal Log grid improvements
    • Performance improvement 
    • Trimming data fields
    • Add Info Only filter
    • Improved export of log
    • GUI improvement
  • Modification to forwarders grid filtering
  • Add authorization requirement to all pages
  • Add option to delete shard subscriptions
  • Purge audits after one year
  • Purge Volume Leveling Scorecards older than 30 days
  • Add loader to Group and User searches
  • Allow users to authenticate in a multi-domain environment
  • Bug fix for DST time change
  • Forwarder license count fix
  • Bug fix in Group Policy Services
  • Enhancement to update controllers from the DB, not through HTTP
  • Bug fix - If email address field is blank send to all security users and groups 
  • Bug fix for View Only users
  • Bug fix to custom log name displaying in dropdown list
  • Bug fix for an exception during scheduled task processor
  • Bug fix for duplicate data in Forwarder Criteria table
  • Enhancement to cache Health Statement List
  • Bug fix for disposed repo
  • Bug fix to internal log download directory access
  • Bug fix to division by zero in Average Since Last Call
  • Upgrade .NET Core hosting bundle to latest version

Supercharger 20.12.2 (12/2/2020)

  • Fixed some issues with slow user interface

Supercharger 20.11.8 (11/28/2020)

  • Added Jumbo balancing
  • Added audit trail tied to every object in Supercharger
  • Added group policy analysis to highlight possible problems with Target Subscription Manager entries, security log permissions etc.
  • Added throttling to reduce repetitious warnings and errors and a clear criteria for what’s a warning vs error
  • Added managed filters from Palantir
  • Added feature to exclude small system drives from health check with an override
  • Added links to KB articles
  • Bug fix for naming custom event logs
  • Bug fix to menu tooltips
  • Updates to reporting charts
  • Improvements to log downloads
  • Performance tabs added to event logs
  • Controller installer is now signed
  • Many other enhancements

Supercharger 20.9.1 (9/3/2020)

Supercharger 20.1.53 (2/10/2020)

  • Add Trace Log Management from Web UI
  • Make restart controller more reliable
  • Improve Collector Analysis needlessly processing forwarders by using WecUtil
  • ​Split Up Collector Analysis for better performance
  • ​Fewer Restarts of the Controller Service on WEC errors
  • Make WEC API access externalized to ScWecUtil
  • Add automatic setting of URLACL fix (see KB article on All subscriptions have 0 active forwarders; System Event IDs 10128, 10129)
  • ​Make SQL timeout and execution strategy parameters soft coded
  • Enable easy copying logs to clipboard
  • ​When creating Load Balanced Subscriptions, put SC logs at top of Destination Log Names dropdown
  • Improve Internal Log search
  • Fix slow UI when there are many distributed subscriptions
  • ​Efficiently get Comprehensive Forwarder Details for large number of records
  • Other small fixes and enhancements

Supercharger 19.10.35 (10/20/2019)

  • Fix a bug related to registry access

Supercharger 19.10.34 (10/15/2019)

  • Add report: Comprehensive Forwarder Details
  • Add report: Collector History (CPU, EPS)
  • Include the destination log in the Overview tab of subscriptions
  • Add a maintenance button to individual subscriptions of a distributed subscription to run maintenance on-demand (normally run daily)
  • Add ability to change SQL Server connection timeout values
  • Retry running wecutil.exe commands if hung
  • Validate group SID when trying to create or update a distributed subscription
  • Improve saving distributed subscription groups, especially when many forwarders are added
  • Improve the way changes are saved to AD
  • Improve calling forwarder analysis after updating distributed subscriptions or LDAP filters
  • Use the same DC as much as possible to avoid replication issues
  • Fix bug related to recreating a custom event log with same name but different capitalization
  • Handle "A recipient must be specified" error when sending emails
  • Limit the number of AD items displayed in the search dialog (to avoid the search taking too long)
  • Close subscription dialog after deleting subscription
  • Fix bug where perfmon counters would get purged if licensed, but license was expired
  • Fix bug where error was wrongly reported if the WEC status was Inactive and AD status was NotFound
  • Fix bug in setting up Builtin managed filters, such as filter for Security log with noise suppression
  • Fix some bugs that caused a SID mixup when going AD group search
  • Fix a bug that made subscriptions stop working if the related managed filter was changed (this was related to setting the wrong value for PublisherName when the sub was updated)
  • Fix the sidebar flickering on Chrome
  • Remove Events Lost counter

Supercharger 19.7.3 (7/30/2019)

  • During upgrades, does not overwrite service account if "Local Service" is changed to custom user

Supercharger 19.7.1 (7/17/2019)

  • Revised and removed reporting on lost events
  • Fix a bug when a subscription was deleted outside of Supercharger

Supercharger 19.5.3 (6/3/2019)

  • Update SQL Server to SQL Server 2016 SP2 Express
  • Change implementation of counting servers for licensing
  • Update SQL version in the installer
  • Servers with Ignore health status are no longer counted
  • Fix bug related to denied subjects
  • Add Exabeam UEBA filter
  • Add partner licensing option
  • Run forwarder analysis after updating managed filters
  • Fix bug when unable to create managed filter if event log didn't exists on master
  • Display buttons not after but before subscription and distributed subscription name
  • Display short name instead of full name of event log name in details title
  • Fix bug related to distributed subscriptions and LDAP filters
  • Enable empty LDAP BaseDN
  • Display DCs in UI for LDAP BaseDN
  • Add button to display license info for easier license key request
  • Fix bug when domain has no more controllers
  • Add instructions to analysis takes too long warning message on how to override frequency of collector and forwarder analysis

Supercharger 19.1.4 (1/11/2019)

Supercharger 18.12.2 (12/5/2018)

Supercharger 17.6.19 (6/14/2017)

Supercharger 17.2.54 (2/17/2017)

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