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Ports used by Supercharger

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  • For all SQL commands between Supercharger Manager and Controllers
    • Port 1433
      • Prior to version 21.3.16: The only exception to this is when the collectors download a new version of the collector installer. In this case HTTPS (port 443) is tried first and if that doesn't connect then HTTP (port 80) is used.
      • Starting from version 21.3.16: The new version of the collectors is downloaded from the database, so no additional port is required, unless downloading from the database failed for some reason.
  • All communication between web browsers and the Supercharger Manager
    • Port 80 http
      • The only exception is if a certificate has been configured to be used then port 443 https would be used.

All communication between the manager and controllers is initiated by the controllers. No connections are initiated from manager to controllers.

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