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How to Keep Subscriptions in Healthy State Even Though Some Workstations Are Shut Down Outside of Work Hours

Tamas Lengyel
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Each subscription policy has a Heartbeat Interval (3,600,000 milliseconds by default) to monitor its forwarders' health status. For more information on this, please refer to the article on Forwarder Analysis.

However, workstations might be shut down for the night or for the weekend. During this time, no heartbeat is received from these forwarders, which will show their WEC status inactive, indicating that there is a problem with these forwarder. This, in turn, can put a subscription into an unhealthy state, even though all running computers are actively forwarding.

If these workstations should not be seen unhealthy just because they don't report in during the night or over the weekend, the Ignore No Heartbeat (Hrs) option can be set in the subscription policy. This option is zero by default, which means that it will be ignored. If set to a number greater than zero, the forwarders in that subscription will be considered healthy for the specified number of hours, even if no heartbeat is received from them. For example, if this option is set to, let's say, 16 hours, the forwarders will be considered healthy by Supercharger, even though the workstation is shut down for the night.

This setting can be modified in Supercharger by clicking on Settings then Subscription Policies and then Editing the subscription policy you are using.

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