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10. Performance Monitoring


Supercharger monitors the CPU of each collector and the Events-perp-second counter on each destination log. Supercharger maintains a 7-day-average for both counters and a 7-day peak for Events-per-second. These values are displayed in the tiles for each respective object.

The collector tile below indicates the current CPU with the lighter arrow on the bottom and the 7-day average with the darker arrow on top.

If you hover on the collector a popup displays the numerical values.

Windows is inconsistent with reporting event log counters. If available Supercharger tracks events per second with the 7-day-peak defining the scale of the chart, the dark arrow on the bottom indicating current EPS and the lighter arrow on top showing the 7-day average.

Internally, Supercharger captures these same statistics at the top of every hour for long term trending and capacity planning which will be surfaced in future versions.

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