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6. Domains


Domains in Supercharger correspond directly to the Active Directory domains of your Windows event collectors. Whenever you add a new collector, Supercharger automatically creates a new domain object if necessary and presents all collectors under their appropriate domain.

Supercharger is aware of domains for coordinating Distributed Subscriptions.

Master Collector

Supercharger automatically designates the first collector in a domain as the “master collector” for that domain. This collector processes any domain level commands which at this time are limited to Distributed Subscription operations. The domain viewer dialog identifies the current master domain.

If your master collector needs to be decommissioned or will be down for an extended period you can promote a different collector in the domain; look for the Promote button in that collector’s viewer dialog. There is no need to promote a new collector if the current master will only be down for less than a day, but be aware that you will not be able to make any Distributed Subscription related changes during that time in the affected domain.

Group Policy

As explained in Implementing Windows Event Collection you must use Group Policy to target forwarder computers at your collectors. Group Policy requires a specially formatted string each collector that you wish to target. Supercharger provides this string for each controller in the domain, in that domain viewers dialog; the list is labeled as Subscription Manager.

On Demand Commands

Distributed Subscriptions require periodic analysis by the master collector for the domain with the MaintainDistributedSubscriptionsCommand. By default, once daily Supercharger runs this command at midnight and as necessary when you modify a Distributed Subscription. You can run the MaintainDistributedSubscriptionsCommand on demand from the domain’s viewer dialog.

Configuring Supercharger’s Organizational Unit

The domain’s viewer dialog also has an OU tab where you configure 2 settings that are required before you can create Distributed Subscriptions. As explained in Distributed Subscriptions, Supercharger creates a group in Active Directory for each collector assigned to a Distributed Subscription (aka “Load Balanced”). Supercharger creates these groups in an Organizational Unit you provide as described here. Note that this OU should be dedicated for Superchargers distributed subscriptions. The OU tab is where you identify this group to Supercharger by pasting in the distinguished name (DN) of the OU.

You will also notice the Prefix field. Supercharger prepends this field to the name of each group it creates in the OU so that the groups are clearly identified as your domain admin wishes.

The Distributed Subscriptions tab is explained here.

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