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Default Audit Policy

LOGbinder for SharePoint allows you to specify a “Default Audit Policy.” This allows you to define a policy once, and apply it to the site collections you specify—thus allowing for more consistency in audit settings.

The default audit policy can also be applied to new site collections. Thus, soon after a site collection is created, LOGbinder for SharePoint can automatically enable auditing and begin processing its audit logs.

Configure Inputs (SharePoint Site Collections)

There are now three ways to specify the audit settings for a site collection:

  • “Custom audit policy”: Corresponds to Version 2.x, where you use LOGbinder to set the site collection’s audit policy.
  • “Allow Site Collection Administrator to configure audit policy using SharePoint’s administration page”: This allows you to set the audit policy in SharePoint (if running the Microsoft SharePoint Server edition).
  • “Use LOGbinder’s default audit policy”: Once the default audit policy has been defined, it can be applied to the site collection. If the default audit policy later changes, LOGbinder will automatically apply the changes to the site collection’s audit settings.

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